'G.I. Joe' Clips Feature High-Tech Gear And Ticked-Off Bad Guys

We give you a few peeks at the explosions and butt-kicking in 'The Rise of Cobra.'

This Friday, the G.I. Joes will head into global battle against the band of baddies who will one day become the Cobras. For fans of the action figures on which the film — titled, appropriately enough, "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra" — is based, these two groups of opposing fighters are the stuff of years' worth of childhood adventures.

And yet the movie's origin-story focus will give both Joe devotees and Joe newbies a chance at a fresh approach to the material. To help everyone get up to speed, MTV News has dug up some killer "G.I. Joe" clips in which we get extended looks at high-tech gear, ticked-off bad guys and the wicked destruction of one of the wonders of the world.

The Joes and Their Accelerator Suits

These real American heroes, as they've been known in the past, get some serious equipment upgrades in the movie. Check out these high-tech, Robocop-meets-Terminator Delta 6 Accelerator Suits. They make these elite soldiers run super fast, jump crazy high and feel next to no pain when crashing through glass, machinery and brick walls.

It's all thanks to head-to-toe hydraulics, highly pressurized pneumatics, advanced cybernetic helmets and a healthy dose of Hollywood movie magic. You want weapons? These suits have got gas-propelled grappling spears, triple-explosive, heat-seeking "fire and forget" rockets, and a submachine gun that fits like an oversized bracelet on a Joe's wrist. How else could Duke (Channing Tatum) and Ripcord (Marlon Wayans) take on their enemies?

Well, look at Snake Eyes (Ray Park), a silent samurai who surfs aboard speeding vehicles, flips like a pinwheel through the air and can pierce metal with a single stab of his sword. Dude is old-school badass.

Before the Cobra Have Risen

Meet the Baroness (Sienna Miller) and Storm Shadow (Lee Byung-hun). They may not have fancy-shmancy Accelerator Suits, but they do have a unique talent for taking pleasure in the Joes' pain and unleashing high-tech weapons on unsuspecting urban populations. They've got an SUV that sprouts some spiky, front-loaded armor, some sort of agile hovering airplane/helicopter hybrid and a neon green-tipped gun that shoots a very nasty substance that can quickly eat through steel.

The Utter, Awesome Destruction

So you like things that blow up, huh? "G.I. Joe" has got what you want — the fiery explosions you crave. One extended car chase leads to detonating cars, twisted metal and utter havoc ... then there are the Joes, who don't mind jumping through a passenger-filled tram and shattering through glass along the way or leaping through the air to catch a ride on the evildoers' airborne jet. All in a day's work.

And when you're a bad guy, you wake up in the morning wanting to destroy iconic landmarks. Why else would the Baroness and Storm Shadow go to such lengths to bring down the Eiffel Tower? And when that sucker falls, it falls hard, demolishing a bridge and creating some serious waves in the Seine. As you can imagine, the French are not pleased.

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