'Funny People' Stars Answer Film's Burning Questions

Now that you've seen the latest Judd Apatow comedy, here are a few things you may have missed.

It's the #1 movie in America and stars virtually every comedian worth laughing at these days. But now that you've seen "Funny People," you might have a few questions. Well, don't worry — because, as always, your humble MTV Movies team is here to help.

Following on the heels of our "Funny People" Cheat Sheet and Five Things You Need to Know About "Funny People," here are the answers to some questions you may have after seeing Judd Apatow's latest flick. From offended celebrities to archival footage, you've seen the setups — now, read on for the punch lines:

Was Jon Favreau Offended?

In the flick, Seth Rogen's character jokes that he's a "Jon Favreau type" rather than a handsome leading man. Favreau, however, enjoyed the joke. "That's all right. Seth and I go way back," laughed the "Iron Man" director. "I was the director of the last episode of 'Undeclared,' which was a show that he starred in and was a writer on. ... [Apatow and friends] gave ['Swingers'] a shout-out in '40-Year-Old-Virgin,' when they're like, 'Vegas, baby, Vegas!,' so I think I'm part of the culture that they're commenting on. Which is strange for me, because I'm used to commenting on culture and not being part of it — but I'm very flattered by the fact that he would even think that people would know me well enough to make reference to me in it. That's honestly what I take away from it."

Was That Really Leslie Mann?

Judd Apatow's wife stars in the film as Laura, a onetime actress who abandoned her dreams for a family. In one key scene, Sandler's George Simmons uncovers her "reel," and they watch some old footage. Mann said it's the real deal. "Yeah, that's me with the short, short red hair — isn't that a crazy hairstyle? I've had some crazy hairstyles. I thought I looked good at the time," laughed the actress, who got her start in the early '90s in TV commercials like the "King Kong loves Coke" ad we see in the movie. "That's me. Do you remember that commercial?" she asked. "I had a good time doing that."

Was Aziz Ansari Making Fun of Dane Cook?

Ansari's breakout character Randy is a rock-star comedian, fond of exaggerated movements and over-the-top comedy. Sounds a bit like a certain chart-topping comedy veteran, doesn't it? "Kind of, I guess. The physical nature of it [is the same]," Ansari said of the comparison. "But I don't have anything against Dane Cook. To me, Randy is, 'What if Soulja Boy did stand-up comedy?' you know? You'd have a DJ, you'd have dance — that stuff is so crazy, it's not really related to any comedian."

Did Sandler Really Impact Rogen's and Hill's Careers?

In "Funny People," Seth's Ira and Jonah Hill's Leo cite George Simmons as a huge influence on their comedy. In real life, Rogen, Hill and friends spent much of their formative years worshipping at the altar of Adam Sandler. "To us, 'At a Medium Pace' is still like the funniest thing that anyone's ever done," Rogen said of Sandler's obscene tune from his classic 1993 comedy album They're All Gonna Laugh at You! "Like, I don't think people have done many funnier things than that, even up till now. ... When I was young, that was a true benchmark in comedy. I still listen to it and laugh hard to it every time."

What Posters Were on That Apartment Wall?

Although many of the young comics in the film are struggling, they can afford some nice, framed prints of classic comedians and movies for inspiration. "There's a 'Fast Times at Ridgemont High' poster up there, a 'Welcome to the Dollhouse' and a 'Last Detail' poster," explained Apatow, who said his crew counts the films and their stars as real-life inspirations. "We like to put in posters of people that we like. There's a giant picture of Chris Rock dressed like Jimi Hendrix on the wall, and there's also a great picture of Rodney Dangerfield drinking scotch with Redd Foxx. Visually, we hit all sorts of things."

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