'New Moon' Won't Feature Nude Scene, Director Says

Chris Weitz says Jamie Campbell Bower was just joking about naked Volturi in the 'Twilight' sequel.

For a little while there, it seemed like the [movie id="414921"]"Twilight"[/movie] saga was leaving the teen-friendly world that had made it so popular and entering into R-rated, skin-exposing territory.

At Comic-Con last month, "Twilight" newcomer Jamie Campbell Bower made a startling revelation to MTV News: "New Moon," the second film in the vampire franchise, was going to feature a nude scene.

"We just all sit there, completely naked, for one scene," he said. "Yeah, it's me, Michael Sheen and Christopher [Heyerdahl]; we just sit there, naked.

"It's a full-body shot," he added. "They're bathing in sort of a Roman bath kind of thing."

The Twi-verse nearly imploded. So, director Chris Weitz and studio Summit Entertainment had to step in to set the record straight about Bower's role as one of the nefarious Volturi clan of vampires.

"I would like to put everyone's mind at rest and let them know that the Volturi are not naked!" Weitz said in an e-mail statement to MTV News. "Jamie has what you might call a dry sense of humor and almost managed to convince me — which is why he's such a good actor. Anyway, be assured that, even though we do want the look of the Volturi to be a bit of a surprise, they are always — as in the book! — fully clothed."

The faux nude scene news turned out to be only one of two "Twilight" controversies to break at the end of July. Hours before we published Bower's statement, Summit announced that Bryce Dallas Howard is going to replace Rachelle Lefevre in the role of Victoria for "Eclipse," the third of the "Twilight" films. So, when it came to Bower's titillating comments — in which he claimed he was being "deadly serious" but was really joking around — Summit joined Weitz in saying that the actor was simply having a laugh.

"For those that have had the opportunity to meet and/or talk to Jamie, you know that he is absolutely hilarious," a Summit rep told MTV News. "He often jokes around, even in interviews, and has a great sense of humor. For those that haven't spoken to him, you may be confused as to whether or not he was joking when he made these comments. Rest assured, as Chris Weitz's note to you explains, Jamie was just joking."

And, then, of course, Bower himself took to his Twitter account. "Apologies for misleading people into thinking that there would be a nude scene in 'New Moon,'" he wrote. "Never meant it to offend anyone. Sorry."

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