Ashley Tisdale Embraces Her Inner Kelly Clarkson On Guilty Pleasure

Clarkson isn't only 'Idol' influence: Tisdale and Kara DioGuardi collaborated on 'What If.'

[url id=""]Ashley Tisdale[/url]'s new album, Guilty Pleasure, is out Tuesday (July 28) — and from the sounds of things, that guilty pleasure might be "American Idol." Not only has Tisdale talked about her obsession with "Idol," but several of the songs on the album show a strong Kelly Clarkson influence.

"I love Kelly Clarkson!" she said. "I think especially the single, 'It's Alright, It's OK,' definitely came from an inspired-by-Kelly [place], because when I was younger 'Since U Been Gone' was one of my favorite songs, whenever I was going through relationship problems, to put on. [It] made me feel so much better and that definitely inspired 'It's Alright, It's OK.' "

However, Tisdale is quick to note that her musical influences stretch far beyond pop music. "I definitely feel the Used. I've always been a big fan of Boys Like Girls, My Chemical Romance, Led Zeppelin," she said. "All those that I loved growing up inspired [my] second album."

But the Kelly Clarkson sound isn't the only "American Idol" influence on the album: Tisdale once again worked with "Idol" judge/ songwriter Kara DioGuardi on what she says is her favorite track on the album, "What If."

"Kara was a lot of fun. I worked with Kara on the first album," she said, adding that the pair finally got around to writing a song together for Guilty Pleasure.

"You know, we tried writing on the first [album], but I was so new to it and I was just learning about myself as an artist. I could tell I grew as an artist, not only in my vocal but also in my writing, because on the second [album], when we got together ... and then we wrote a song together. She definitely knows what she's talking about. She's definitely a little headstrong and I am too. I look up to her."