'New Moon' Stars Give Bella And Jacob Details At Comic-Con

Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner talk about Bella and Jacob's relationship in the 'Twilight' sequel.

SAN DIEGO — Thursday at Comic-Con, the Gandalfs, Green Lanterns, Greedos, "Galactica" fans and other, well, geeks, stepped aside and made room for the latest annual convention phenomenon: "Twilight." As the stars sped around from one event to the next, "New Moon" actors Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner were the queen and king of the festivities — and when we caught up with them for an exclusive interview, they were eager to talk about their playful relationship and living in the shadow of Edward Cullen.

"We needed to put a little bit more Rob in the movie — for whatever reason," Stewart laughed, referring to her breakout co-star Robert Pattinson and the decision to insert him throughout the film in a series of "hallucination" sequences.

"In the book [Bella] hears him — she hears his voice," Stewart explained. "It's always very subjective ... you're not sure if she's growing into some weird power like the [Cullens] have, whether she's just imagining it — she thinks she's going nuts."

During their Comic-Con panel, the "New Moon" crew unveiled an eye-popping new scene that had Lautner's Jacob Black teaching Stewart's Bella to ride dirt a bike. As she gets on the bike, Edward appears behind her and warns her not to do it. Realizing that it's the only way to feel the presence of her beloved, Bella races way too fast — past a series of concerned Edward apparitions standing in the dirt road — then wipes out.

"It's more effective when you see him," Stewart said of director Chris Weitz's decision to beef up Edward's involvement in the second film. "I'm sure that when she hears him [in the "New Moon" novel] she sees him. So there's a very distorted, ideal picture of him, and then she gets a rush of adrenaline whenever he steps in to be the voice of reason. That's what [Edward] is for her, he's her savior. And what I like about it is it's in reverse — she's the hero of the story."

Also living in Edward Cullen's shadow is Jacob — and Lautner, who now has the pressure of building the same sort of chemistry with Stewart in "New Moon" that made the actress' "romance" with Pattinson the most effective Hollywood had seen since the heyday of McAdams and Gosling.

"It's not tough when you're working with someone like this, who is extremely talented," insisted Lautner, who was teased by Stewart on set because of the strict dietary limitations that helped him gain some 30 pounds of muscle for the sequel. "We get along really, really, really well. It was fun; we had a great time on the set."

"And it's such a different relationship — it's entirely original," insisted KStew, promising that she and Lautner will have enough onscreen chemistry to create a Team Edward vs. Team Jacob conflict worthy of Stephenie Meyer's novels heading into next year's "Eclipse." "[Bella and Jacob] are light; they actually have fun with each other."

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