Alfamega Pens Open Letter To Former Boss T.I.

Rapper reaches out to T.I. after being booted from Grand Hustle in May.

Former [artist id="1225081"]T.I.[/artist] affiliate [artist id="2340664"]Alfamega[/artist] released an open letter to his onetime boss on Thursday (July 23), imploring the rapper to speak with him in hopes of reconciling their differences after Tip publicly booted him from the Grand Hustle camp in May.

"Look, I understand that business is business, therefore you have to manage yours the way you see fit," Aflamega wrote. "On the real, I'm not coming to you as a disgruntled crying assed bi--- who's mad about being let go. I'm coming to you as a man who is disappointed that he was publicly exiled by a friend. You've often said that you're a man of your words, but homey, you are not being true to your words. Instead, you're trying to play me like I'm a pawn in your own personal game of chess."

A source close to Alfamega confirmed the authenticity of the letter to MTV News on Thursday.

Two months ago, T.I. took to the Atlanta airwaves to announce he was kicking Alfamega out of the crew after allegations surfaced that the hulking rapper was once a government informant. In an emotionless statement, T.I. said there is no place in his "organization for dishonest and misleading behavior." Tip himself had to dodge rumors that he "snitched" or turned state's witness in his own case after he received a lenient sentence for attempting to purchase illegal firearms as a felon.

In his letter, Alfamega claims that others close to T.I. are actually the ones that aren't to be trusted. He singled out Pee Wee, one of the kids from T.I.'s "Road to Redemption" series on MTV, saying, "He should exercise some restraint and keep that mouth under control. That's how wars get started between two nations that are supposed to be allies."

Throughout the letter, Alfamega underscores his allegiance to Tip, from personal moments where he said he defended the rapper's honor, to professional matters, including T.I.'s past feud with Ludacris' Disturbing Tha Peace clique.

He said he was "astonished" by his current circumstances.

"I'm dismayed by the fact that you — of all folk — would leave me treading water in the middle of the ocean with my situation," Alfamega said in the letter.

Currently, Alfamega is recuperating from surgery after injuring his legs in a police chase. He was arrested in May on felony gun charges and later charged with attempted escape. The incident occurred one week after his ejection from Tip's Atlanta-based group.

Alfamega closed the letter by wishing his former friend well and issuing him a challenge to contact him in a week. Although the "Muscle of Grand Hustle" reached out to T.I., he also seems intent on facing off with his former boss if need be. He warned of the outcome should he and Tip not be able to patch things up.

"Should you choose to not call me within that timeframe, I'll know exactly where we stand," Alfa closed the letter. "At that point, we'll separate and we can get it off like Muhammad Ali vs. George Foreman in the Rumble in the Jungle. It will be what it is, you on your side of the ring, and me on mine. Instead of a boxing ring, it'll be the studios and instead of boxing gloves, it'll be me lyrically pounding you."