Did Lady Gaga And Kanye West Get Married? Probably Not

Gaga started rumors with (probably facetious) comment before show in England.

Sometimes, the Internet is amazing.

Take, for example, the report that began making the rounds Wednesday, which claimed that shape-shifting, paparazzi-delighting pop star [artist id="3061469"]Lady Gaga[/artist] had married future tour-partner Kanye West.

It all started when Gaga was talking to reporters before her gig in Manchester, England (Check out photos from the tour right here). When asked about her upcoming tour with West, she joked that the pair were so enamored with each other that they had decided to tie the knot.

"I'm married to Kanye," she said. "I love and admire him so much. As I say, we're married."

Now, we're not saying that the two wouldn't make a fabulous couple (imagine the outfits!), but the odds of them actually being married appear pretty slim, especially since West may or may not still be dating model Amber Rose (at least the Game thinks he is). Still, that didn't stop dozens of Web sites from picking up the quote and running with it.

At press time on Thursday (July 16), neither Gaga nor West had addressed the issue on their respective blogs (though Kanye did post a pretty amazing photo

of a mechanical cheetah), and reps for both artists could not be reached for comment — although our questions were greeted with an air of amused skepticism.

Dates for the pair's co-headlining tour have not been confirmed (a Gaga fansite claims that it kicks off October 4 in Buffalo, New York), which means there's plenty of time to find the perfect wedding gift ... or not!