Jonas Brothers Go From The Stage To The Softball Diamond

Kevin, Joe and Nick squeeze in a pickup game with the Road Dogs before their New Jersey concert.

NEWARK, New Jersey — When the Jonas Brothers get some free time, they like to spend it playing softball. So, on Wednesday (July 15), the boys and their team, the Road Dogs, comprised of their road crew and dad Kevin Jonas Sr., decided to play some ball at the Riverfront Stadium just hours before their sold-out concert at the nearby Izod Center.

The boys — Nick plays shortstop, Kevin is right-fielder and Joe is short center — all gathered before the big game to talk to MTV News. Kevin, who was donning a pair of white loafers, swore that he'd change into cleats before the game.

The guys, who played another softball game for charity earlier this week, explained why they chose to name their team the Road Dogs. "We're on the road a lot, and that's what we said about ourselves in the past before we had a softball team," Nick said.

Before they formed a team, their experience on the diamond was limited to, as Joe explained, some games on the Fourth of July. "Pickup games here and there," Kevin added. "Definitely been a part of softball growing up."

So if the guys were professional players, who would they be? Nick chose Derek Jeter, Joe would be Babe Ruth, and the brothers helped Kevin out with his pick. Nick suggested Jorge Posada. "Cool, I'm into that," Kevin said. But it was Joe's suggestion of Manny Ramirez that got a mixed reaction. "Manny, I don't know about Manny," Kevin said. "I think that'd be awesome."