Cam'ron And Mase Reunion Part Of A 'Bigger Project'

Miss Info sits down with our hip-hop experts to talk about the duo's new track 'Get It,' in Off the Dome.

Give us some warning after making us wait for almost 10 years!

[artist id="1169"]Mase[/artist] and [artist id="400206"]Cam'ron[/artist] dropped the collaborative effort "Get It" over the weekend and caught everyone, including New York radio personality Miss Info, off guard. Info, one of my longtime homies, had the exclusive record on her Web site late Friday. According to her, there are more songs to come between the childhood friends and former members of the underground rap group Children of the Corn, with Big L.

Info sat down with me and my partner Rahman Dukes to discuss how the record came about, the impact of the song and what this means for Mase's impending comeback.

" 'This is part of a bigger project' is what I was told," Info said of Mase.

Last we heard, Killa and Jim Jones were busting on Mase during a Hot 97 radio show Info was hosting.

"What was so shocking is that no one's really seen them together or anything like that," Info said. "Nobody knew they squashed some of their old disputes. But behind the scenes, they had resolved their issues, and they've been friends for a little while now. Last year, they got together, they played ball, in Jersey or somewhere like that, from what I understand. The friendship has already been in the works, which is what I like about how this record came outta nowhere. It's not a fabricated publicity stunt, which is what some people were thinking it was. They didn't get together only for a record. They were already friends."

And that's how I loved these guys best: together as Murda Mase and Killa Cam.

"We grew up listening to Murda Mase, Children of the Corn," I said. "That was our introduction to them."

Are you happy Cam and Mase are back together? What else are you expecting from the duo? Sound off below.