Game Slams Jay-Z, Kanye West's Girlfriend On New Dis Record

'I'm So Wavy' hit the Internet over the weekend.

[artist id="1340778"]The Game[/artist] jumped all the way out there over the weekend: The Compton native dropped a dis record aimed at [artist id="1269"]Jay-Z[/artist] and, surprisingly, [artist id="1230523"]Kanye West[/artist]'s frequent companion Amber Rose.

The heart of the venom goes back to earlier this month when Jay rapped the intro from his forthcoming [article id="1615690"]Blueprint 3 LP[/article] at several [article id="1613283"]concert appearances[/article].

"I ain't talkin' about Game/ I ain't talkin' about Jimmy [Jones]/ I ain't talkin' about Dame/ I'm talkin' about real sh-- them people playin'/ What is you talkin' about? I don't know what y'all sayin'."

Game [article id="1615353"]responded on Twitter on July 4[/article], saying he wasn't going to dis Jay, but then proceeded to do just that at concerts overseas. Game has been encouraging the crowd at his shows in a call-and-response to say, "F--- Jay-Z." He's also been calling the veteran Jiggaman "old."

On Saturday afternoon, a full-fledged assault on Jay called "I'm So Wavy" hit the Internet.

"You got cheese and I kill rats," Game raps. He then gets very disrespectful: "Do something with that/ Or respond to this/ With them big-ass lips, you got my name in your mouth ..." He goes on to insult Hov further, referencing Beyoncé and Drake, and then lobs a missile at Kanye West's girlfriend.

"Yes my n---a, so, I'm gonna give him some advice/ Get rid of Amber Rose/ I'mma tell you how she get down/ I was at Diddy's afterparty/ Sippin' Cris, she was whispering at Chris Brown/ I seen Chris turn his head like, 'No'/ Then 'Gold Digger' came on, I pointed like, 'Ho!' "

As the record fades out, Game talks and levies some unfounded allegations, including that Jay-Z and Kanye had a fight backstage somewhere, and that Jay blackballed Chris Brown from the recent [article id="1614877"]BET Awards[/article]. A rep for BET told MTV News last month that no one, including Jay-Z, had Brown banned from the show, noting that [article id="1614995"]Brown's appearance[/article] was never confirmed; MTV News also received that information from a source close to Brown.