Michael Jackson's Autopsy Results Could Take Weeks

L.A. coroner's office says toxicology tests could take six to eight weeks.

Contrary to earlier reports, the Los Angles coroner's office announced that it is unlikely that results from Michael Jackson's autopsy will be released on Friday, according to CNN.

The autopsy is already underway, according to several online reports, but a final verdict will not be available for six to eight weeks, when results of toxicology tests are confirmed.

"The likelihood is very slim that we will have any results to release today because of the extensive [tests] that we're going to be performing," Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter said at a press conference. "We will be performing toxicology tests and an extensive exam, and it could take up to six to eight weeks before we will have the final results from the onset, from last night."

However, Los Angeles County Coroner Investigator Jerry McKibben said that if a cause of death can be determined during Friday's autopsy, it will be announced. Most likely, though, Winter said they will not be in a position to determine a cause of death until all results from their tests have been determined, and a preliminary report will be deferred until the results are known.

Winter declined to comment on reports that Jackson had been given a powerful painkiller shortly before his death. He also would not discuss anything that physicians had found after initial examinations of Jackson's body.

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