T.I. Labelmates Continue In His Absence, Tony Yayo Drops New Mixtape

'I got Hell Rell on there — you definitely should check out this record,' Yayo tells Mixtape Daily.

Man, we only had a couple of days to spend in Atlanta last week, but as always, it was very eventful. We got to chop it up with a lot of cats, and although we didn't get a chance to interview these two particular brothers, it was dope seeing Andre and Big Boi together. We need those albums, fellas! In Don't Sleep today, we're gonna put you on to game about T.I.'s fam as well as the new joint by Yo Gotti — he's still buzzin' Down South.

Don't Sleep: Necessary Notables

Mixtape: Greg Hustle

Headliners: T.I. and Greg Street

Co-Starring: An ensemble cast that includes Tip's Grand Hustle family members Young Dro, 8Ball & MJG, Big Kuntry, Bobby Ray and newcomers the Rich Kids.

Show Stealer: Look out for Killer Kill on "Man Up." He stomps out what he calls hip-hop nonsense. "I'm a MC, I don't do R&B/ Please tell these [weak] rappers/ Don't try and sing to me/ Bunch of n---as Auto-Tuning like TLC/ Hopping 'round like the new-school BBD/ Sh-- sickens me."

Essential Info: Tip, we all miss you, but your label has apparently been left in good hands and your artists are holding down the fort. On Saturday (June 20), we had a chance to see the Grand Hustle movement tear down the stage at the Birthday Bash concert in Atlanta, and now the musical clique gets up with Greg Street for a compilation mixtape. Familiars such as Big Kuntry, Young Dro, Yung L.A., Bob, 8Ball & MJG and Killer Mike share mixtape slots with some of Tip's newer artists such as the Rich Kids. Look out for those youngsters — their buzz in the ATL is huge. (Oh yeah — Tip also has some unreleased records on this street CD.)

Mixtape: Cocaine Muzik 3

Headliner: Yo Gotti

Essential Info: Yo Gotti's been dropping a string of mixtapes since his official LP, Back 2 Da Basics, came out in 2006. (We loved that "Gangsta Party" way back when.) Now with a new deal in place through J Records/ Polo Grounds Records, the Tennessee native is ready to start cooking up again. His album will be named Live From the Kitchen.

"It's gonna be a classic album from me and a lot of great producers," Gotti said backstage at the Birthday Bash. "It's a good feeling to move real people — bad women and real dudes. They feel the music, it's personal to them.

"Whoever fits on a song that makes sense, that's who we put on it. I don't base my album on other dudes," he added about guest appearances.

With his business on track, Gotti can concentrate on the lead-in to the project. He just put out the third in his Cocaine Muzik series.

"I got one called 'Newspaper on the Floor,' " he explained. "It's a lot of records that's crazy. I don't save a lot of songs. We put some in the mixtape folders, some in the album folder. DJs come to the studio and go through the folder like a buffet. Get your 10,12 songs, put your tape out."

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The Streets Is Talking: News & Notes From The Underground

Tony Yayo is literally on top of New York right now. Standing 15 floors up, ice on his chest, model chick on each arm — who could ask for more?

"We just making movies now," Yayo said. "Shout-out to the whole ThisIs50.com ... Lloyd [Banks] ... We living the life. This is the sh-- Rick Ross rhymes about. We overlooking the city. The Unit is bringing the energy back through the Internet. It's to the point now where you don't have to pay nobody to get on — you could just put it on the Internet and become a star."

Like 50 Cent, Yayo just put out a mixtape — Swine Flu 2: The Pandemic.

"It's called The Pandemic because that's before an epidemic comes," he explained. "The [actual] swine flu has actually turned into an epidemic, so now it's getting crazy. I got Hell Rell on there — you definitely should check out this record. I redid the Drake [song] over — instead of 'Successful,' I did 'What you think I wear a vest for?' I went over the 'Daytona 500' beat with 'Goin In.' Shout-out to Wu-Tang. ... I'm just working."

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