Rihanna Didn't Want Chris Brown To Get 'Stay Away' Order, Lawyer Says

Donald Etra says the order doesn't allow the onetime couple to have even a distant, cordial relationship.

As part of the plea deal struck by Chris Brown on Monday (June 22), the singer was issued a "stay away" order by Judge Patricia Schnegg that requires the singer to avoid his former girlfriend for the next five years, according to Rihanna's attorney.

Donald Etra told a group of reporters outside the courthouse that his client didn't think the "stay away" order was necessary. Rihanna was previously granted an order of protection against Brown, but the pair briefly reunited at a Miami mansion owned by Diddy following the alleged assault.

Now, however, the two will be required to keep their distance.

Under the guidelines of the order, Etra said the pair won't be able to have even a distant, cordial relationship. Brown cannot contact Rihanna at all, while Rihanna reaching out to Brown would be considered a violation on Brown's part, punishable by law. Should they both appear at an event, Brown would be required to stay at least 10 yards away from his former girlfriend.

Etra said the order was issued for the duration of Brown's five-year probation, although the judge said she would reconsider the issue when Brown is sentenced in August.

Brown pleaded guilty to felony assault charges and will be sentenced to up to 180 days of community service in Virginia. Had he gone to trial, Brown could have faced up to four years and eight months in prison. Brown must also enroll in domestic-abuse courses.