Adam Lambert, Danny Gokey Say They Have No Drama

'American Idol' finalists take to Twitter to stop an online battle between their fans.

We might have finally reached the end of the online battle between Danny Gokey's and Adam Lambert's fans.

For nearly a week now, supporters of the "American Idol" finalists have been feuding over a handful of Facebook pictures (and comments) posted by Gokey's cousin, a statement Gokey made during a Comcast live chat, and a prank Gokey played on Lambert during a dinner party in Los Angeles. There have been accusations of homophobia and jealousy and of "Glamberts" not being able to take a joke.

It got to be too much, and over the weekend, the two men at the center of this storm — Gokey and Lambert — decided it was time to weigh in. Both took to their Twitter accounts Sunday morning in an attempt to quash any rumors of beef.

"Hey u all, there has never been any drama between [Adam Lambert]," Gokey wrote. "We have always fully respected each other. Relax!!"

"Danny Gokey and I have not ever and do not have any drama," Lambert added. "We are friends. Chill out with all the gossip kiddies!"

Despite the Tweets, as of Monday morning (June 22), fans of both "Idol" contestants don't show any sign of letting up. Comments continue to pile up on both stories MTV News has written about the incident, with most now hypothesizing that 19 Entertainment — the company that produces "Idol" and many of the contestants' post-show careers — forced one or both of them into brokering a truce.

"Adam may be at peace with being able to ignore these things, or ['American Idol'] may have very well told all the contestants involved to 'squash this sh--,' " reader Staciegirlie17 wrote Monday morning. "There is a clip somewhere of one of the contestants saying that 'AI' [instructs] them on how to portray their fellow contestants while speaking to the press."

A spokesperson for 19 Entertainment could not be reached for comment on the matter. Gokey and Lambert will take part in the American Idols Live! tour, which kicks off July 5 in Portland, Oregon.

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