‘Transformers’ Stars Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox On Their Favorite Robots

'Some of the coolest action sequences and set pieces I've ever seen in a movie is with Devastator,' Fox says.

BEVERLY HILLS, California — Do you spend your evenings sleeping under Bumblebee bedsheets? Have you ever gone into a drive-thru wearing an Optimus Prime mask? Well, it might finally be time for some new toys.

[movie id=”369059″]”Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”[/movie] storms into theaters June 24, bringing with it a slew of brand-new robots in disguise. Recently, we caught up with the human stars of the movie — and got the scoop on their favorite freewheeling co-stars.

Megan Fox on Devastator – “Devastator is a really cool robot because he’s a Constructicon, and we didn’t have a Constructicon in the last one,” explained the actress, who plays sexy Mikaela Barnes in the film series. “He’s just massive. And the damage he does, it’s mind-blowing to watch it. Some of the coolest action sequences and set pieces I’ve ever seen in a movie is with Devastator.”

Shia LaBeouf on Scalpel – “There’s an interrogation scene, it’s just me on a table surrounded by five robots — one of whom is inside of my mind,” LaBeouf said of his favorite scene in the film, which revolves around a small, spider-like Decepticon who can transform into a microscope and goes by the nickname “The Doctor.” “[Another robot] is looking at my thoughts on a board. And I’m being held down by another one who is holding my arms, and another robot’s holding my legs as I am talking to a doctor robot.”

Ramon Rodriguez on Ravage – “Ravage is a good one that people are going to love to see what he can do — in the cartoon, he used to come out of Soundwave,” remembered self-professed “Transformers” geek Rodriguez, who joins the series in the sequel as Sam’s friend Leo. “Soundwave was this guy who had a tape cassette, and he would let out a bird that would fly like a spy, and he would also let out this tiger. So [Michael Bay] implemented the tiger in the movie, and the tiger can do a bunch of different things … people are going to be really excited to see that kind of stuff, that he’s actually bringing some of the old original ones back.”

Tyrese on Sideswipe – “I love the new Corvette,” grinned the car-loving actor who plays USAF Sergeant Epps, referring to an Autobot fighter who employs swords in battle. “That silver Corvette in the movie is crazy! It’s a Stingray; I love the car, and I love the way he looks when he transforms. I [loved] Bumblebee on the first one because I love the car and I just love the character of Bumble — but I think my new favorite is this Stingray Corvette, man. I got to have that car in my collection when it comes out!”

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