Bret Michaels Says He Won't Sue The Tonys

'I'm taking the high road,' Poison singer says of scenery mishap that left him with a fractured nose.

He still feels pretty battered, but [artist id="14301"]Poison[/artist] singer [artist id="500964"]Bret Michaels[/artist] isn't going to sue the Tony Awards over the scenery mishap that left him with a fractured nose and split lip at the June 7 show.

Michaels, 46, who penned a long, emotional open letter to fans and the Tony folks last week, told People magazine, "All in all, I'd like to think I feel OK. But I got to be honest with you, I feel pretty beat up."

Michaels performed with the cast of the "Rock of Ages" Broadway show during the Tonys broadcast, and after a spirited run through his band's "Nothin' but a Good Time," a piece of scenery rapidly descended from the rafters and struck the singer on the face, knocking him to the ground.

"I want to make very clear to everybody that — first and foremost — I was honored to be asked to be at the Tonys," Michaels said. "I'd never done it before, and in all my life, it's not something I thought I'd be on. I was really excited. There's no lawsuit. I'm not doing any of that. I'm taking the high road."

Tonys host Neil Patrick Harris made light of the incident during the show, joking that it "gave head-banging a new meaning," and directly after the show, a Tonys spokesperson faulted Michaels for missing his mark on the stage. A spokesperson for the show has not returned MTV News' multiple calls for comment.

His brief foray into Broadway over, Michaels is gearing up for a summer tour with Def Leppard that kicks off June 23. He's also prepping the late-summer release of his tell-all autobiography "Roses & Thorns."