Susan Boyle Leaves Mental-Health Facility

Brother says 'Britain's Got Talent' runner-up is doing better.

Susan Boyle has left a mental-health clinic five days after suffering a panic attack

in the wake of her second-place finish on "Britain's Got Talent." Gerry Boyle confirmed on Friday that his sister has been discharged from the London Priory clinic, according to The Associated Press, and said that Susan is doing much better now.

After being admitted to the clinic on Sunday, following what was described as an anxiety attack, Susan now seems "a lot more like herself," Gerry Boyle told GMTV. BBC News quoted the brother as saying that the 48-year-old Scottish singer is "much happier" and now staying with him in an apartment in London.

Boyle was said to have been devastated following her surprise second-place finish to dance troupe Diversity during Saturday night's finale, but her brother said her spirits were buoyed by people who assured her that it "wasn't the end" of her singing career.

"Things are becoming clearer for her now," Gerry Boyle said. "She's now beginning to believe that, 'Yes indeed, I will be a singer.' "

The finalists on the show are expected to launch the "Britain's Got Talent" tour next Friday, but organizers told the BBC that no decision has been made yet about Boyle's participation; rehearsals are slated to begin on Tuesday. "At this stage we're not saying anything. Susan is still recovering and we ask to respect her privacy," a spokesperson for the singer said. Boyle appeared to struggle in the harsh spotlight of the worldwide attention she gained after being plucked from obscurity following her performance on the show eight weeks ago.

Gerry Boyle said he would welcome some management help from "Talent" judge Simon Cowell. "He's been around the dance floor a few times," Boyle said. "I'm sure Simon will do a good job for her."