Drake Feels 'Blessed' To Have Lil Wayne As A Mentor

Plus: Jadakiss working on new music with Cam'ron for joint tour; Dead Prez still looking out for the People, in Mixtape Daily.

It's a new week — let's all get new money and make this history. Mixtape Daily keeps rolling. We're rammed with that killer content this week. Jadakiss reveals that he and Killa Cam have more tracks coming, and Drake tells us what it's like to roll with Lil Wayne.

Also, we have Dead Prez and Green Lantern come talking about their new collaboration. Funny story: When the DPZ came up for their interview, Red and Meth were up here at the same time. It was a dope hip-hop moment to see both groups show love and respect to one another, with no cameras running. Real, genuine saluting.

This Week's Main Pick

Street Kings: Dead Prez

Mixmaster: DJ Green Lantern

Holding It Down For: The Revolution

Street Album: Pulse of the People: Turn Off the Radio, Vol. 3

Real Spit: Just 'cause Obama is in office now doesn't mean things are all good with the DPZ. M-1 and Stic.man still represent for the struggle. And as you can see from the daily headlines, times are hard for a lot of people. The political rap duo are readying their next proper album, Information Age, the follow-up to 2004's Revolutionary but Gangsta. But while they figure out whether to sign to a major or release the project themselves, they hooked up with Green Lantern to bring their scriptures to the streets. Pulse of the People: Turn Off the Radio, Vol. 3 is due June 23.

"We been busy. We might not have hit MTV, but we been grindin'," Stic told us recently about the guys' whereabouts. "Working with Green has been a blessing. Green is the ear to the street. He probably told us that 100 times. 'Boom, we gonna make sure we hit the streets. The streets need to feel what y'all bring.' He created the vibration with the music that made that easy to pull that out. I ain't have to produce nothing, so it was a lot quicker [to put this together], so it was good. With the mixtape, it's like we were in the trenches, and it's good. It's like, 'What you got? You got something hot or not? We don't got all day. Come with it.' So that keeps us sharp."

The Evil Genius hosts the tape and produced the majority of the project, with Bun B on "Don't Hate My Grind" and Styles P on "Gangsta, Gangster." Chuck D joins the revolution on "Refuse to Lose," which also features Avery Storm.

The Master Plan: "We inching closer and closer to independence," Stic said about Dead Prez's next album. "That's the real major, is our independence. You have to be strategic. You have to play chess. You have to pimp the system. You have to take advantage of the resources that's available. So that's our philosophy: to never compromise who we are or compromise what our agenda is musically but to be flexible enough to get it out to the most people in the right situation. But we been growing, and our independent movement, the way the music industry is looking, the independent move is looking bigger, at least check-wise, at the end of the day. But it's about pushing forward, not backwards."

Joints To Check For

» "Afrika Hot!" "I think it's gonna speak to our international audience in a very profound way," M said. "In it, the hook, it speaks in Arabic, then it speaks in Swahili, but all in all, the message is for Africa to speak for itself, throw the shackles off. Green killed the beat. It literally sounds like you're on a camel. Like, you're on a camel in the middle of Mogadishu or Darfur or the middle of the 'hood under heavy patrol. I think it's cool, and we stand up for the people."

» "Summer Time." "Just the vibe, it's a good vibe [on that song]," Stic explained. "Appreciating when the sun comes out. It don't shine forever, so when it comes, we try to soak it up. For me, doing songs like 'Happiness' on Let's Get Free, it's always a good place to go, 'cause you have to find your own happiness in the middle of the struggle. It's not after the struggle is over; you have to find that happiness while you're in it. So that song is important."

» "Warpath" "One of the engineers I work with, his name is Eric Gorman, he was playing me music one day," Green said. "He has a group called Ratfink and would make this music that sounds real analog, old-school. Like if the Dap-Kings do '60s-soul-sounding stuff, they do early '70s-funk-kinda sounds. I listened to it, like, 'Oh, I can sample this. That's crazy. I'm just gonna put drums and a bass line on it.' He was playing it for me, and the words were crazy. It's about a renegade police officer. The whole song came to my head, and Stic does an overview of the police department, and then M comes in as the renegade police officer, and we screwed his voice, where it sounds real demonic."

The Streets Is Talking: News & Notes From The Underground

Drake couldn't feel better. He has one of the biggest buzzes in the music biz and only just started working on his debut LP. Drizzy loves the accolades from fans and especially from his camp, Young Money. He says he's "blessed" to have the support of Lil Wayne.

"Wayne is another one that — rap-wise, verse-wise — was my favorite," he told us. "And to be under his wing, to be able to interact with him on a daily basis and talk to him and get information from him, I'm in a blessed position. I have the greatest mentors, the greatest teachers in the world. They all have gradually started to embrace me more and more, so it's a great feeling." ...

Jadakiss is gearing up to hit the road with Cam'ron this summer on the Big Bosses Tour and says he and Killa will have more collaborative material for the stage.

"We actually working on a few more songs right now," Jada said of his and Cam's recordings. "I'm about to throw him on the 'Who's Real' remix. Hopefully him and Kanye. We're about to just trade off two or three more songs each, and we're gonna rock. We're doing House of Blues-type joints. 'Hood venues — but not too 'hood."

Jada is excited to go out on the road with an old friend.

"Killa's my homie from back in the day in the Mase era," 'Kiss said. "Mase introduced me to him before he had the Dipset. It was just [Cam] and [Jim] Jones running with [former label exec] Un. It's love. We're from the same era, so we appreciate the same things. We know about getting to the money, grinding before the game changed."

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