Ben Stiller Left His Honeymoon For 2000 Movie Awards Skit With Tom Cruise

The pair's 'Tom Crooze' stuntman spoof almost didn't happen, in 'MTV Movie Awards Confidential.'

It was nearly a decade ago that Ben Stiller and Tom Cruise hooked up for one of the most memorable MTV Movie Awards short films of all time. In a new special airing airing Saturday at 8 p.m. ET, "Movie Awards Confidential," we take a look at some of the most memorable moments in the show's history — and one of those is the "Mission: Impossible II" stuntman film from 2000.

The short film stars Stiller as Tom Cruise's loyal and sometimes clueless stuntman, Tom Crooze. However, the funny clip almost didn't happen.

"I very much wanted Tom Cruise to be on the Movie Awards," Joel Gallen recalled. "But then he realized he had already committed to be at the ['Mission: Impossible II'] premiere in someplace in Korea, so there was no way he could be at our show that night."

Once they realized they could get Cruise for a short film to air that night, they knew they had to get Stiller onboard. But there was another problem — Stiller was on his honeymoon and wasn't around to shoot it during Cruise's minimal time frame. But Cruise wouldn't do it with anyone but him.

"I wrote Ben an e-mail: 'I know it's your honeymoon and everything but what if you came back two days early? What do you think?' " Gallen said. Stiller later agreed. "Then he goes, 'I really do want to do this film.' "

So Stiller and his wife Christine Taylor packed up and headed back to the States to make the short film happen. "We just left a day early," Stiller remembered. "We had to fly 15 hours to get there, which made it even better."

The best part came when Stiller finally got the chance to meet the man he had been parodying for so long. "I never had the experience of actually doing him to his face, and he was sitting at the monitor and he started cracking up watching and I knew it was OK," he said. "The part where we're both laughing is kinda real, because we're both laughing at the absurdity of the moment."

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