Blink-182 Tour Openers Share Their Favorite Blink Memories

'They not only have great music, but also really care about entertaining,' Chester French's D.A. Wallach tells MTV News.

There seems to be a common thread running through the (seemingly) unrelated slate of bands Blink-182 have tapped to open dates on their summer tour: They're all huge [artist id="783"]Blink[/artist] fans.

In fact, many of the younger acts on the bill — bands like [artist id="2008947"]Panic at the Disco[/artist] and [artist id="3003497"]Chester French[/artist] — have some pretty vivid memories of seeing Blink on their previous tours.

"We went to Blink's [2002] Pop Disaster Tour with Green Day and Jimmy Eat World, and that was the first show that we'd seen in an arena," Panic drummer Spencer Smith told MTV News. "We didn't have floor seats, and at one point, one of the bands asked everyone to jump down, so we took part in that, and that was the first, like, bombarding-the-stage moment of my life, so that was cool."

"I saw them when I was a little kid. It was rowdy," Chester French's D.A. Wallach added. "I was, like, pre-pubescent, so [there were] lots of insecurity issues and self-righteousness, but it was awesome. One thing we try to do — and I think all the bands on this tour do — they not only have great music, but also really care about entertaining and don't shy away from comedy, which is something we think is tremendously under-represented in music today."

Oh, about that comedy. Blink have never shied away from working an off-color joke (or 17) into their onstage banter, something that leaves even the more established bands on the tour in awe.

"We grew up with Blink-182, and there's a certain chemistry that Mark and Tom have going when they're onstage together," Taking Back Sunday frontman Adam Lazzara laughed. "They really get going and say anything, and I'm excited to watch that every night."