'American Idol' Fans In New York Not Surprised By Kris Allen's Victory

'It was pretty typical for 'American Idol,' ' one fan says of Adam Lambert's defeat.

NEW YORK — It was definitely a close race between Kris Allen and Adam Lambert on "American Idol," and it goes without saying that many Lambert supporters were shocked

when Allen won the competition on Wednesday night.

But when MTV News caught up with "Idol" fans in Times Square, they actually didn't seem surprised that Allen won this season's competition.

"It was pretty typical for 'American Idol,' all the teeny boppers voting for Kris," Kaila Tindle, 21, said. "They were both awesome and I don't think either of them will have a problem doing great things."

Raymond Martinez added, "Kris looked real focused and he [had] an objective and he's reaching his goal, and I can't be mad at that."

Similarly, Adam Tirella wasn't surprised by Allen's victory. He thought that, based on Tuesday night's song selections, it was pretty much a lock that Allen would win.

"Last night's finale was pretty cool [and] I wasn't super surprised by Kris winning because I thought that the show before the finale favored Kris, especially the single," he said. "I don't think it's really meant for Adam. I was kind of happy to see Kris win, even though I think Adam is the better singer."

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While many fans felt both Allen and Lambert are talented, one fan thinks that in the end it all came down to personality when deciding the winner. "Kris was my favorite the whole time, so I was rooting for him. I thought he had the best voice and he wasn't very cocky," she said. "I thought Adam lost because Kris was more appealing to the everyday person."

Alanna Pistentis said that since it seemed like Lambert was the fan favorite the whole time, Allen's underdog status worked in his favor. "I think one of the reasons he did win was because he was the underdog. It was a toss-up to the end," she said. "I just think he's a genuine guy. I think Adam's more into the rock and the yelling kind of thing."

Regardless of how many votes Allen got to win, Lambert will always have his fans like United Kingdom native Stevie Farndon. "It was really good, really exciting," he said. "I think Kris was more of a boy-band type, but I think we should have gone for Adam cause he's more rocking and sexy and a bit more alternative, so I think that would have been a better thing for America."

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