Busta Rhymes Takes Back On My B.S. To The Stage

'I just feel phenomenal right now,' MC says of release of his new album.

[url id="http://www.mtv.com/music/artist/rhymes_busta/artist.jhtml"]Busta Rhymes[/url]: hip-hop superhero? "I feel like the Mighty Thor," he said recently in his dressing room at Manhattan's Santos Party House. Rhymes just finished annihilating the stage with classics such as "Break Ya Neck" and the remix to "Ante Up" (M.O.P. came out for the latter), as well as his new smash, "Respect My Conglomerate," featuring special guest Jadakiss.

After the concert, Busta talked about his first LP in three years, Back on My B.S., and how it felt to perform the brand-new material onstage.

"I just feel phenomenal right now," he said after his show, shortly after midnight on Tuesday (May 19). "I'm excited. It's 24 hours before my birthday, it's the day of my release date. It's Malcolm X's birthday. It's one of the greatest days in hip-hop. As far as retail, this the biggest day of the year as far as album releases — Lionel Richie, Ruben Studdard, Eminem, Redman and Method Man, DJ Drama, me.

"We're kinda reminding people that music is one of the most important elements in the entire world of entertainment," he added. "It's still the face of entertainment."

Plenty of faces had smiles as Rhymes went through the endless batch of hits. Bus enjoyed how his B.O.M.B. material was received.

" 'Give Em What They Askin' For,' that's a joint that was produced by Ron Browz — and again, I'm trying to implement the boom-bap," he explained. "Because it's time for the records to feel like when you in the club ... they're knocking your block off, and they still got lyrics to 'em and they still making you feel good with the catchy choruses."

Browz also produced "Arab Money" and was a special guest on the show.

"Two records ... that were both produced by DJ Scratch, 'Wheel of Fortune' [and] 'I'm a Go and Get My ...,' those songs consist of that boom-bap as well. 'I'm a Go and Get My ...' is more of a concept record. 'Wheel of Fortune' is more of that traditional club banger, a spaz-in-the-club, wild-out-in-the-club type of joint. Then we got a joint produced by Pharrell, 'Kill Dem.' It's a big-up to the West Indian community, which is me freaking it the Jamaican patois. Then I had to do one of the biggest and most personal records to me, called 'Decision,' which [features] Mary J. Blige, Jamie Foxx, John Legend and Common.

"I'm back on my B.S. for real, B!" Rhymes smiled.