Danny Gokey Opens Up About Adam Lambert, Kris Allen

'American Idol' castoff encourages people to vote for their pick: 'It's going to be a very tight race.'

"American Idol" third-place finisher Danny Gokey may out of the competition, but he hasn't forgotten about the two singers still competing for victory 1611624 at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles. The 29-year-old crooner revealed his takes on both Adam Lambert and Kris Allen during a conference call with reporters last week.

"Adam, he's just an all-around great guy," Gokey said. "I really can't fault him on anything. Adam is who he is onstage and who he is offstage. He's very creative. He lives creative; he dresses creatively. He talks from that perspective."

Gokey also holds Allen in high regard. "Kris is very mellow, and that's always one character trait I've always wanted," he said.

Regardless of which contestant viewers prefer, Gokey reminded everyone about the importance of voting during Tuesday night's finale. "If you want some person to win, you've got to vote," he said. "I'm telling you. This competition is not over yet. I have a feeling it's going to be a very tight race."

Gokey traced his own "Idol" collapse to his Rock Week choice of Aerosmith's "Dream On" — and his frequently commented-upon screech during the song's final seconds.

"I really wanted to have a big song that week, and so I took a risk," he said. "I never did rock and, I think, it could have been one of the variables. So late in the competition, you don't want to have a performance like that. I rehearsed that scream so much that I really hurt my vocal cords."

So where does Gokey go from here? He's looking forward to recording music that has a connection to his wife, who passed away shortly before Danny auditioned for the show.

"In terms of sound, I really want to do a soulful album, but I want it to be a very soulful album with nice beats, like nice R&B beats and nice beats that get people's heads moving, and mix it with a very, a hint of a Latin vibe," he said. "The reason is, I was with my wife for 12 years. She was Puerto Rican, and I'm so into salsa and merengue and all the Spanish music, and I want to mix it all in one arena for me. That's what I want to do."

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