Did Fabolous Dis Maino On 'Hottest In The Hood' Remix?

Plus: Wale Follows Jay-Z's Black Album blueprint for his debut LP, in Mixtape Daily.

Fire Starter: Bound To Blow

Wale says he's "kicking in the door and he's everybody's problem." Oh yeah? We're going to see real soon. It's almost time for Wale to put all those chips up on the table. His debut, Attention: Deficit, is due this summer.

Last year, the 24-year-old was tapped as one of our MCs to Watch in 2009. Well, the year is almost halfway done, and the Wale fans need a little more. They've heard all the underground songs and seen the viral videos. Well, the first stop on his path to the top was securing a guest spot from Lady Gaga. The two recently shot a video for his club hit "Chillin'."

But [artist id="2990927"]Wale[/artist] fans shouldn't expect more of the same from Attention: Deficit. He's taking a page from [artist id="1269"]Jay-Z's[/artist] Black Album and bringing different types of records instead of one cohesive feel.

"I wanna come in the way he intended to leave, the way he probably will leave, with a complete body of work," Wale said. "Obviously, the days of going platinum in the first week for a new artist is gone, but, God willing, this will be one of the albums that stand the test of time. When you talk about real issues, it never gets old.

"The album is about everything," he added. "It's about love, hate, feeling untouchable, feeling insecure, feeling that people are sleeping on you. Going on the major blog sites and seeing what they are talking about. ... It's about everything. A regular person's analysis of the world and a look into his soul. I looked into my own soul to make records."

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The Washington, D.C., native says speaking on what's real to him is a trait he has in common with many of his '09 classmates. "We're bringing it back to our reality, our world, and it's honest," he said. "Somebody like Asher [Roth], talking about what it's like to be playing beer pong at a college. I talk about what it's like to work a 9-to-5 at Sprint or to have a girlfriend who has so much baggage you can't get through to her. ... Or the insecurities of growing up dark-skinned. Whatever. It's about my honesty, my reality.

"I got a lot to say," added Wale, who's been co-signed by Jay-Z, Bun B, [artist id="1230523"]Kanye West[/artist] and [artist id="1242768"]Pharrell Williams[/artist]. "I've never been heard before. I got so much to say. So much to talk about. So many things I felt haven't been addressed. Interscope gave me the perfect opportunity to do that. That's what I feel I owe the people."

It just has to be dope. Wale heard the advice of his homie Jay: "With the same sword they knight you, they gonna good-night you with."

"DC, DC" will be the follow-up single to "Chillin'." Wale doesn't want to reveal the other guests on his album, but he did leave a hint: "Whoever is ready to come to D.C."

The Streets Is Talking: News & Notes From The Underground

[artist id="1164800"]Fabolous[/artist] said that despite some fans trying to instigate quarreling between him and his homie [artist id="1595900"]Maino[/artist], everything is still 100. Fab dropped the line "Cuts in the face, the watch so Maino" in the "Hottest in the Hood" remix, but Loso said it's just clever wordplay, not a stab.

"I heard they was trying to make the Maino line a dis," Fab told us on the Manhattan set for his "Throw It in the Bag" video. "It was just metaphorically saying, 'The watch got cuts in the face.' What does Maino have? A cut in the face. It wasn't a come at Maino. That's my dude. I actually just seen Maino on Mother's Day. He was taking his moms out to dinner. I was just coming from taking my moms to dinner. So it was no bad blood."

Fab said that when he mentions one of his friends' names in his raps, he does get concerned whether they will take it the wrong way without talking to him first.

"Only thing I be unsure about is that sometimes people react to what other people are saying," he explained. "Rather than thinking, 'Nah, Fab is my n---a. He ain't thinking like that.' Or, 'Whoever is my man. Let me call and see what it is before I believe the people talking about it.' I didn't know how he was gonna take it. [Maino] looked like he didn't take it no way. So I'm cool."

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