Simon Cowell Doesn't Think Kris Allen Can Win 'American Idol'

'Kris is a nice guy, but he's not a good enough singer to compete with Adam,' the judge says.

There are still three "American Idol" contestants remaining, but to hear judge Simon Cowell tell it, only one has a shot at winning. A day after telling Oprah Winfrey that Adam Lambert would be the last man standing because he's "got swagger," Cowell announced that Kris Allen doesn't have the vocal chops to win "Idol."

On the Fox News morning show "Fox and Friends," Cowell told co-host Brian Kilmeade that Allen shouldn't even make the top two. "I'd love [Adam] in the final, really with Danny [Gokey], because Kris is a nice guy, but he's not a good enough singer to compete with Adam. The only one who can compete with Adam on vocals is Danny."

There are no doubt millions of die-hard Allen-ites who would beg to differ, as well as many who may not love the 23-year-old singer but still believe he's poised to win the competition. Allen's combination of bro-next-door appeal and radio-friendly style, MTV News' James Montgomery argued, make him a much surer bet than the vocally dexterous but perhaps not commercially viable Lambert.

"Kris Allen is about as likeable and relatable as they come," Montgomery wrote. "He's a good-looking, sorta-sensitive, guitar-strumming, God-fearing everydude from Arkansas ... [He] has a voice that's tailor-made for radio. Listen to any top-40 station (or even any album-oriented rock station), and you could hear his voice in most of the songs. Shoot, his takes on 'Falling Slowly' or 'Ain't No Sunshine' could be on radio stations today."

Of course, there are legions of Lambert and Gokey devotees who believe their guy is a lock to triumph in this eighth "Idol" season. One of those believers is Senior Writer Gil Kaufman. "Lambert will win because he's consistently brought his 'A' game, has strived to be original, has not let the whisper campaign about his sexuality interfere with his victory march and because he's inspired a truly rabid cult of 'glambert' fans who hang on his every glittery-eyelid flutter," wrote Kaufman.

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