Nude-Picture Scandals: Readers Weigh In

Readers leap to Chris Brown's defense in leak of alleged Rihanna photos.

People have been taking nude, private photographs of themselves since cameras became widely available — but since photography went digital, those pictures have become a good deal less private than they once were. Cassie and [artist id="2446077"]Vanessa Hudgens[/artist] have had to own up to widely circulated nude or risqué photos of themselves, and late last week photos of a woman purported to be [artist id="1940303"]Rihanna[/artist] were leaked — and Rihanna's former boyfriend Chris Brown has denied responsibility.

Not surprisingly, many MTV News readers have weighed in on the issue.

Gjr_rodriguez chalked it up to today's culture of celebrity. "Now in order to get free network news promotion, just click some photos and BAM ... worldwide," he wrote.

That sentiment was furthered by Mariaherz, who wrote, "A lot of celebrities want their picture to go global and teens just want to be just like them thus creating a role model situation. A very bad one at that."

Noelmsp007 weighed in on the alleged Rihanna photos by asking, "Why she takin' naked pics anyway???"

Jess121302 commented, "What is the big deal ... everyone has naked pics of themselves and you know that if you are famous and you don't want those pics getting out, you better keep them close to you at all times." The commenter, "What does it matter who leaked them?"

Along with several other readers, V sprung to [artist id="1961441"]Chris Brown's [/artist] defense. "Chris Brown has nothing to do with those pictures [that have] been posted. They should leave him alone." Tracie said, "Chris had nothing to do with them getting out! She took the pics of herself with her BlackBerry. Dumb move. Any text or picture mail sent through your phone is saved in a database which is accessible by the phone company. She should have known better. Don't blame Chris! I do feel sorry for her though, this has to be embarrassing."

Kjabbamodern speculated that hackers were to blame: "Who ever it is has no life to be hacking into celebrity phones, but one thing is clear: Chris did NOT leak those pictures."

As more photos of more celebrities leak onto the Internet, one thing is certain: This issue isn't going away any time soon ...