T.I. Associate Alfamega Was A DEA Informant, The Smoking Gun Claims

MC allegedly testified against a drug trafficker in exchange for reducing prison sentence.

The Smoking Gun Web site has questioned the street credibility of another Southern MC. This time the site has taken aim at at [url id="http://www.mtv.com/music/artist/alfamega/artist.jhtml"]Alfamega[/url], who is signed to T.I.'s Grand Hustle Records. Mega, who you definitely remember from getting into a tussle with Shawty Lo and police last year in Atlanta, is said to have been an informant for the Drug Enforcement Administration in a heroin case during the 1990s.

Mega, whose real name is Cedric Zellars, is said to have testified against a "heroin trafficker" named Ali Baaqar in exchange for shaving 18 months off a 110-month sentence. Court papers obtained by the site say Mega was arrested in 1995 for selling guns.

The MC was scheduled to release his debut LP, I Am Alfamega, last year on Capitol Records but has since parted ways with the label. Still, Mega is known for being a street heavy, so just how will allegations of snitching affect his credibility and ultimately his career?

XXL magazine Editor in Chief Datwon Thomas told MTV News that it's too early to tell, but "It all depends on how he explains himself and being involved in this situation," he said. "You also have to factor the quality of music he puts out in the aftermath. A hit record can go a very long way and erase memories."

Brian "B.Dot" Miller, content director for RapRadar.com, doesn't think the report will have much of an effect. "It's historically proven," he said. "Rick Ross worked as a [prison guard] and the Game appeared on a dating game show. A hit record gives people amnesia."

Julia Beverly, the founder and editor in chief of Ozone Magazine, says, "Any publicity is good publicity!"

The Smoking Gun, of course, was the first site to provide documentation of Rick Ross' previous job as a prison guard, which Ross recently admitted.

At press time, a rep for Alfamega had not granted MTV News' request for comment.