Eminem And Dr. Dre's 'Old Time's Sake' Leaks One Day Early

New Relapse single featuring the old friends has a party vibe.

It wasn't supposed to drop until Tuesday, but you know how these things go. With such high-profile artists as [artist id="502642"]Eminem[/artist] and [artist id="1061"]Dr. Dre[/artist], there's no such thing as releasing music on its proper date. The latest track off of Slim Shady's upcoming Relapse, "Old Time's Sake," has already leaked online.

"Crack a Bottle" has a cruising vibe. "We Made You" is Em coming with his satirical slapstick, and "3 A.M." is maniacal. But "Old Time's Sake" has more of a party vibe. Produced by Dre, the record has the familiar West Coast bounce, and the Doc himself leads it off with a simple sing-songy flow — and very adult content.

"I'm Dre from back in the day/ From N.W.A./ From black and the gray from," the Cali legend raps. "Choking a bi---, from smacking her face from/ Stacking up bodies/ To packing the Ks up."

Dre insists that there is still no competition for him and his Detroit friend.

"Speak of the devil, it's attack of the Rain Man," Em comes in with his patented, almost Caribbean-sounding cadence. "Chainsaw in hand, bloodstain on my apron. ..."

On the chorus, Em asks Dre: "So one more time for old time's sake/ Dre drop that beat and scratch that break/ Just send a little bit of that smoke my way, and let's go."

There is no word yet on whether or not Em and Dre will shoot a video for the new song, but the record will be officially available on iTunes on Tuesday. On May 12, iTunes will release yet another Relapse single, this one titled "Beautiful." A week from that date, we all know what time it is: the long-anticipated launch of the full Relapse.

On Saturday, Cinemax premiered the video for "3 A.M." In it, Slim Shady appears out of his mind. The rapper's character talks to a naked mannequin and takes a bath in a tub filled with blood and corpses, but not before he chops off people's fingers.