Busta Rhymes Recruits Lil Wayne, Jadakiss For 'Conglomerate' Video

Also, Idris Elba, Tyrese and more gather in the boardroom of new clip.

There are too many guest stars to label it a "music video." [artist id="1043"]Busta Rhymes[/artist] says the clip he just released for "Respect My Conglomerate" should be called a movie.

"It is my pleasure and honor directing this film for Busta Rhymes, longtime brethren of mine," lens master Chris Robinson said, standing between Bus and the star of the new box-office hit "Obsessed." "I'm here with an amazing actor, who is my dream to work with, actor Idris Elba."

"These two brothers, they're the kings in the entertainment world," Elba said. "I'm privileged to be here amongst them. Kings amongst kings."

"Likewise, Godfather," Rhymes returned the compliment. "I've been tremendously blessed. The most amazing people came out and helped me support my movement and my campaign. My situation is like the [Obama] administration. There's nothing I can say or ask for greater than this beautiful day today besides the birth of my beautiful kids and my incredible family. This is definitely one of the most phenomenal days for me. Mr. Idris Elba, Christopher Robinson, Tyrese, Adam Rodriguez (of "CSI: Miami"), Xzibit, Raekwon the Chef, Wayne, Jadakiss, Bishop Lamont. ... Big up to Debbie Coda, the beautiful young lady who blasted off on the chorus. The Flipmode! I don't know what else to say other than God is good."

The song features Busta with guests Jadakiss and Lil Wayne, who replaces the original version's Young Jeezy. Other stars make cameos as part of Busta's circle of bosses.

"The concept of the video is basically about how we had a get together and gathering of the most prestigious diplomats, consiglieres, boss of bosses, and we met at a roundtable and negotiated. Everybody has a type of partnership or investment made in a microchip I possessed, which was going to determine the wealth of individual people overall once caste society is done."

All the bosses obviously have a significant amount of money and stature — and they clearly don't have any regard for the authorities.

"We took the power we had and said, 'F--- the law,' " Busta added.

In the video, the feds and police get involved and come try to put all of Busta's crew behind bars.

"This is probably one of the best joints," Jadakiss boasted. "[My videos] 'Can't Stop Me,' 'Letter to Big' and this one right here are probably the best three videos I ever shot in my life. It's a lot of love on the set. Chris knows what to capture. Bus got a lot of energy; Weezy got a lot of energy. Kiss got a lot of personality. I'm just one of the bosses that's got my own conglomerate. Young Money is Weezy's conglomerate. And Flipmode is Busta's conglomerate. We just bringing that to the table. The strength is in the numbers. You heard?"

"Respect My Conglomerate" is the current single from Busta's Back on My B.S. LP, which drops May 19.