Heidi And Spencer Leave Mexico (And Swine Flu) Behind

After wrapping production on her music video, 'Hills' star says she's ready for a honeymoon.

Heidi Montag and new hubby Spencer Pratt have wrapped up production on Heidi's new music video, "Blackout," and have landed back home in Los Angeles.

After their wedding on Saturday, the two had been in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, where they were shooting the video while still taking precautions against being infected with the swine flu.

"I'm so sad to leave Mexico!" Heidi Tweeted on Wednesday. "Driving to the airport. I'm ready for a honeymoon!!! Done with my music video, best one yet! Get ready. I'm ready to get out of the pig [flu] country though. Wow the airport is scary! On the plane, L.A. here we come! Home, sweet home. Goodbye, Mexico!"

"The Hills" star also wrote about her wedded bliss. "PS. I can't believe I'm married!!!!!!!!" she added. "So, soooo excited [to be] Mrs.Pratt! Thank you, God! Thank you for my soul mate!"

Earlier this week, when Speidi called into Ryan Seacrest's radio show, Spencer told the "American Idol" host that the pair was doing everything they could to avoid the widely spreading virus. "We're definitely wearing the face masks everywhere we go," Spencer said on Tuesday. "We're not playing. I'm not trying to get pig flu! We're in isolation. We're in, like, full hiding."

Heidi also added that once they were done working on her video, she would be looking forward to a real honeymoon. "We're not on our honeymoon technically yet. This is a music-video shoot we're doing this weekend," Heidi said. "The honeymoon's coming in a couple weeks."