Danity Kane Special: Aubrey Is Shy, Aundrea Almost Doesn't Pass Audition

'Making the Band: The Rise and Fall of Danity Kane' airs tonight at 9 p.m. on MTV.

When four out of the five girls of [artist id="2400155"]Danity Kane[/artist] reunited during the season-three finale of "Making The Band," they weren't really ready to place blame on any one person or situation for what caused the demise of the group.

But a new special, "Making the Band: The Rise and Fall of Danity Kane," airing Thursday (April 30) at 9 p.m. ET, examines the good and the bad that went on in the ladies' world.

"It's hidden scenes and new information revealed of the backstage struggles of Danity Kane," Perry Dance, a producer on the show, told MTV News. "The new scenes in it allow you to better see how things were happening within the group ... now that you know where they ended up, you can find clues and secrets."

The show examines the group from "creation to demise" and features never-before-seen audition footage. Previously only Aubrey O'Day's audition was aired, but now fans can see how Aundrea Fimbres, Shannon Bex, D. Woods and Dawn Richard ended up in Danity Kane.

The girls, who haven't been filmed together since October, "ride a wave during their entire career," Dance said, adding that the special has "new footage and new information. It tracks them in good and bad. It's not a clip show, since it features a lot of unseen moments, but any clips are chosen to explain why they ended up where they ended up."

In addition to the audition footage, fans will also get to see an early fight between Aubrey and Diddy that "seemed minor, but led to bigger things," as well as a scene in season two where Aundrea tries to convince Aubrey not to do a Blender magazine photo shoot. "Aubrey was still shy," Dance explained.

"You get to see that Aundrea almost didn't make it into the group," he added. "And that Melissa Smith was going to be the fifth member, not Aundrea."