Audrina Patridge On Friendship With 'American Idol' Star Adam Lambert

'He's the nicest guy!' the 'Hills' star gushes.

Who knew that "Hills" star Audrina Patridge and "American Idol" contestant Adam Lambert were such good friends? We were unaware until Patridge blogged about her friendship with him, posting a photo of the pair at the "Idol" hopeful's birthday party.

"Adam Lambert is a close friend of mine and he's one of the most talented and sincere people I know. He definitely has my vote," Patridge wrote.

"[We met] through mutual friends a few years ago," Patridge told MTV News. "He's the nicest guy!"

Patridge also gushed about his singing talents. "He has an amazing voice," she said. "He's very talented and I really, really think he's going to win."

And to increase her buddy's chances of winning, she's getting everyone she knows to vote for Lambert week after week. "I have all my friends voting," she said. "My family's voting. Everyone's in love with him."

Audrina is hoping that her fans will also jump on the Adam Lambert bandwagon and she's putting out a plea that if you haven't voted for Lambert yet, now's as good a time as any. "Everybody should vote for Adam Lambert," she pleaded to the MTV cameras. "He's amazing, so talented, has a great voice and I think he's the next big thing."

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