Trick Daddy Says 'Next Day Air' Song 'Count My Money' Is 'Thug Fire'

Film's soundtrack, which also features Raekwon the Chef and the late Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes, is due May 5.

Trick Daddy's "Count My Money" will be the first single from the "Next Day Air" soundtrack, due May 5.

"I want mine right now," Trick raps on the song. "Every dollar, quarter, every g--damn dime."

" 'Count My Money' is featuring the Murk Camp, my artists off of Dunk Ryder Records," he said of the song. "I was asked to get down with the soundtrack by the movie studio, and I worked with [director] Benny Boom a couple of times in the past, so it was only right that I get down with this project.

"The track is that same thug fire you're used to from Trick Daddy," he added. "Plus, I'm doing films right now. I just finished my first movie myself: 'Just Another Day' with Jamie Hector from 'The Wire' and Clifton Powell."

In that movie, Trick plays a street OG named Roman. "It's more than just music with me," Trick said.

Trick Daddy has an album coming out in the summer on his own Dunk Ryders label called Finally Famous. "My album comes out June 30, and it's going to be independent," he said. "It's all me behind it. Look for a lot of hits, look for records for the streets, look for that Trick Daddy vibe."

The "Next Day Air" soundtrack also features Raekwon the Chef, G-Unit signee Spider Loc and one of the film's stars, Darius McCrary. In the movie, McCrary plays Buddy, the mysterious muscle for drug kingpin Shavoo. Shavoo is the cousin of hapless thug Brody, played by Mike Epps. Chaos ensues when Brody and Shavoo plan for a top-dollar drug deal with stolen narcotics.

The "Next Day Air" soundtrack track list, according to the film's rep:

1. Trick Daddy - "Count My Money"

2. Raekwon the Chef - "Heat Rocks"

3. Glasses Malone- "Sixty Million Dollar Flow"

4. Kurupt - "Honestly"

5. Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes- "In the Life"

6. Penuckle - "Blunts and Roses"

7. Martin Buscaglia - "Cerebro Orgasmo"

8. Spider Loc - "A Day Ago"

9. Darius McCrary - "It's Real"

10. C Dash - "Gone Get It"

11. 5 Grand- "Get It How You Live"

12. Meek Mill- "So Fly"

13. Prophet - "Next Day Air"