Juelz Santana Says Skull Gang Won't 'Repeat' Dipset: Mixtape Monday

Plus: Mixtape Monday is changing to Mixtape Daily.

"I ain't the captain of the yacht, but I'm on the boat." Well, actually, I ain't the captain on the Speedster, but I'm on the boat. Shout-out to DJ Irie for that heart-racing trip on the sea down in Miami.

We're going to bring you a lot more from our trip to M.I.A. real soon, but we have a major announcement to make this week. Mixtape Monday as you know it is about to evolve. Nah, me and my partner in crime Rahman Dukes aren't going anywhere. But we are switching our name to Mixtape Daily. That's right, Mixtape Monday is changing to Mixtape Daily.

It's what you wanted. Now, instead of coming just one day a week, we're going to hit you every weekday and bring you some treats on the weekends. The change is going to come really soon.

We're still going to have all the exclusives, still going to have rappers rapping their new material, and we're even going to start giving the fans more of a chance to have their say. Don't believe us? Ask Jadakiss. He's officially down with the movement, as are all your other favorite rappers.

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The Streets Is Talking: News & Notes From The Underground

Juelz Santana is still prepping his Regan Era mixtape and upcoming official LP for Def Jam, Born to Lose, Built to Win. But he's also putting out the debut of his group the Skull Gang in a couple of weeks. The squad has an independent deal through Koch Records, and the video for their first single "I Am the Club" should drop any day.

"I pushed the button," Santana said on the set of the video for the Gang's "I Am the Club" in New York. "At the same time, it was that hard work. We did the mixtape; it got a great response when it came out.

"We did a lot of work when it came to the Internet. Koch, they took a liking to it," he added. "They always did business with me, Jim [Jones], Cam. They wanted that fresh new energy, and at the same time, they saw the vision and believed in it. They wanted to give them a shot. We got the album coming out May 5. It's real crazy."

The Gang consists of Richmond Rabb, Un Kasa, Deniro, John Depp, Starr, Riq Rose and his nephew, 10-year-old Ja'Quaye (yeah, little Ja from videos like "S.A.N.T.A.N.A.").

"Skull Gang album, we here, the album is crazy," Santana professed. "Collectively, we all come from different areas. Like I tell people, I never try to copy what the Diplomats was. This would have [come] about even if me and Cam still would have been doing business. ... This was destiny."

Juelz has been announced as one of the performers for his hometown radio station Hot 97's annual mega-concert, Summer Jam. Jim Jones is also on the bill. Expect to see Juelz's Gang as well as Jim Jones' Byrd Gang and Freekey Zekey's 730 Dips clique all onstage.

"Ah, man, it's beautiful," he said about what it looks like to see everyone's crew onstage together. "That was the whole plot. For everybody, for all of us to have — how can I put it? Roc-A-Fella, Bad Boy and Death Row — we all bosses in our own right. We got the swag, we got the energy.

"That's what I feel the whole idea of it is," he added. "To get us to the point where everybody's team is solidified and all the bosses are still comfortable with each other and we can all come to the table. Roc-A-Fella, Death Row and Bad Boy, imagine what the tour would have been like."

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