Beyonce Reveled In The Chance To Get Physical In 'Obsessed'

'I had so much fun, because I'm a lover — I'm not a fighter,' singer/actress told MTV News.

Over the course of her career, Beyoncé Knowles has been many things: R&B girl-group chanteuse, solo artist, Hollywood actress, wife of Jay-Z, Sasha Fierce. But until now, she's never had a chance to kick some serious butt.

All that changes with her new movie, "Obsessed" — out Friday (April 24) — a thriller about love, infidelity and deadly infatuation, in which Beyoncé goes head-to-vicious-head with co-star Ali Larter.

"I had so much fun, because I'm a lover — I'm not a fighter," Beyoncé told MTV News. "But I got to fight!"

She plays Sharon, a new mother who has the perfect life with her husband, Derek (Idris Elba), a successful asset manager. At work, Derek attracts the attention of an office temp named Lisa (Larter), who eventually develops a delusional, violent attachment to him. Enter a kicking-and-punching Beyoncé to defend her family with a vengeance.

(Watch an exclusive clip from "Obsessed")

As she has with all her movie roles, from "Dreamgirls" to "Austin Powers in Goldmember," Beyoncé drew from her own experience to play Sharon. "Every time I play a character, I'm thinking about things that will bring out the rage or whatever emotion is necessary," she said. "I think about those things in my own life."

She was quick to add, though, that she'd never encountered anything close to what Sharon faces. "Fortunately, I've never had an obsessed woman in my man's T-shirt in my bed," she said with a laugh. "And all of the crazy obsessed people that are in my life and in Jay's life — we have really good security."

Now that she's had a chance to grapple on the big screen, Beyoncé is looking forward to continuing her butt-busting ways in future movies. Anyone she's particularly got her eyes — and fists — on?

"There is a list," she said. "Definitely!"

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