Susan Boyle Reminds Newfound Fans That Anything Is Possible

'Ordinary people are capable of extraordinary accomplishments,' one commenter says of 'Britain's Got Talent' contestant.

When this week began, the world didn't know Susan Boyle's name. Now, [url id=""]the "Britain's Got Talent" contestant[/url] is a viral-video sensation and even [url id=""]appeared via satellite on CBS' "Early Show"[/url] on Thursday morning (April 16).

So what is it that fascinates us about this woman, who was written off because of her appearance and proved everyone wrong with her angelic voice? We went straight to you, the MTV News readers, and around the Web to see what people are saying about the Scottish songstress.

The general consensus on is that Boyle gives us a sense of hope. Commenter Madmax48 explained: "In this time of financial disaster and fear, she reminds us that ordinary people are capable of extraordinary accomplishments."

Jacost4 furthered this point, writing, "The popularity of Susan Boyle's performance brings to light a yearning in all of us for what's real and beautiful. This woman has nothing but pure, raw talent. It's the many big-name divas who rely on hype, not Susan Boyle."

And TatRose exclaimed: "In today's world, we sometimes need a reminder that no matter who we are, we can never give up on our dreams."

User Crabby put it in the most political terms, writing, "She is the best example of a stimulus package: She can make you dream and then dare to take the risk. I hope she gets kissed a million times, collects 20 more cats and makes millions."

Others were moved by Boyle's unexpected talent. "I'm not going to lie: I got a little teary-eyed when I watched her performance," CoryMidgarden wrote.

Susan Boyle's Hometown Photo Shoot

Texgal5 noticed Boyle's strength up on the stage: "This gal had the entire room cheering at her, and she didn't choke up."

Boyle's audition video on the "Britain's Got Talent" site was flooded with comments about the unlikely singing sensation.

One commenter was surprised to enjoy a musical genre he had previously written off. "I've never liked opera-type music, but Susan, you are fantastic," Dalelyons1 wrote. "It actually sent shivers up my spine. Well done."

Tetons33 praised Boyle for being unique: "What a pure breath of fresh air. Your beautiful voice is so moving and inspiring that I can't stop listening to you sing."

So what do you think of Boyle? Has she won you over like so many others? Let us know!