Plies Hopes To Take 'Plenty Money' From The Streets To The Charts

'I can honestly say that song is the biggest street song in my career,' he tells MTV News.

People are buying into [artist id="2034479"]Plies'[/artist] next single "Plenty Money," and the Florida MC is paying attention.

"I can honestly say that song is the biggest street song in my career," he told us last week of the banger from his third LP, Da Realist. "In my opinion, I've had a sh--load of successful street records, whether it be 'I Am the Club' or 'Goons Lurking,' 'I'm the Man.' I've had my share of big street records. I've been a part of big street records as well, but it's nothing compared to this 'Plenty Money.' "

The bragging is unabashed on the song. In one verse, he raps, "Wonder why I bought the Bentley when I had the Maserati?/ What I paid for the goon chain? 140 [thousand]." But does the Fort Myers, Florida, native feel any guilt about releasing such a decadent anthem during a worldwide recession?

"You need to feel like [you have plenty of money], bruh," Plies rationalized. "Regardless of how bad it is, you need to feel better, man. The people that ain't got no money now, it was the same people who didn't have money four years ago. Now it's justifiable not to have money. In terms of the street perspective, it isn't as much money circulating in the streets as it once was. But in terms of our [national] economy, the recession was a scapegoat for corporate America, who can file bankruptcy now and re-create a whole 'nother company, debt-free. The people who are struggling now been struggling. Anytime you can create music and give hope, anytime you can make a person feel good ... that record makes you feel good whether you hear it at 10 in the morning or 3 in the morning in the club. It makes you feel good.

"The first time I saw that record work, that sh-- scared the f--- out of me," he continued. "It was probably a couple of thousand people there. Sold out. I didn't do that record first, I did that record third or fourth on my set. I came out to 'Me and My Goons.' That mutha----a is almost equivalent to 'Plenty Money,' but "Plenty Money,' anytime they hear the first two seconds of that mutha----a, it's a problem."

"Plenty Money" also marks what its author is calling a milestone in his career: It's a street record with a chance to do some damage on the charts. What makes it even sweeter is that he doesn't have an R&B feature on the song.

"I played it on the bus [when I first made it] for my staff and told them, 'This is the record right here,' " he recalled. "I didn't know it was gonna be on this level, but I felt good about the record. That's the record, bruh, that you can't hide from. Probably one of the biggest elements missing from me is that piece of the puzzle that takes me right into my fourth project. From a radio standpoint, I have had the pleasure of having two #1's, three top-five records. How can you get tired of hearing what works? But I think this record completes the puzzle I needed — a street record that's all of me — and now it will bring in my world that only knows 'Bust It Baby,' 'Shawty,' 'Want It, Need It.' This is the piece I've been missing that'll take me into my fourth project."

Plies shot the video (funded from money out of his pocket) during Super Bowl weekend, and it should be out any day now.

"I had a whole week full of events. I tried to sneak the video in before my car show. I had a 'Plenty Money' car and bike show," he described. "The show got so crazy, it was like 10,000 or 15,000 people. The police was gonna shut it down. They called me, put the fire marshal on the phone and told me that I had to get there within 45 minutes or they was gonna shut it down. I had to stop the video and go and perform before they shut it down."

Plies' fourth album is still untitled but should be out sometime in late summer, early fall.