Plies Releases Teaser For His Reality Show 'Goonette'

'This whole 'Goonette' movement is something I'm really excited about,' the rapper says of the show, still in production.

Some call it horrifying, some say it's inspiring, some label it hilarious — but everyone is fascinated by it. [url id=""]Plies[/url] recently released an online teaser for his reality show "Goonette," and the Internet is chatting about the show that focuses on women who show "grace" and beat the odds.

"Ah, man — I feel like it was a great move for me," Plies said about "Goonette," which is still in development.

The Fort Myers, Florida, MC says he's pleased that he chose to do a "Goonette" show, and he should have a deal in place with a cable network within the next few weeks.

"This whole 'Goonette' movement is something I'm really excited about," he said. "Today, it's a bigger movement than the 'Bust it Baby' situation. For me to have the chance to put the trailer together and shop it around, I think it's the best move I made in my career."

The woman taking the lead role in Plies' trailer is Fire, a stripper and mother of two. "Fire is from Tampa," Plies explained of his friend. "I had a chance to meet her probably two years ago. I watched her a little bit — me and her been in some of the same clubs together. I just always grew a liking for her because I seen so many great qualities in terms of her strong inner personality. That was the most important thing for me in terms of making her the first official face of this whole reality series.

"I heard about [the strip club] she worked at first, before I went there and seen it myself. I heard about how she was hustling. She was always the chick that, no matter what spot we was in, what [regular night] club we was in, she always ended up being the chick that turned the spot out. She always was with her clique. They always danced and partied. I used to see her dance all the time, but I didn't know that's what she did as far as her profession. I got whiff of it. For me, that was the icing on the cake."

America's #1 goon has a camera crew all set to travel to Dallas to film another young lady he stumbled across in his travels.

"I already had four different young ladies I already shot footage with it," he said. "I was gonna run and have the show be an online situation so it could be as raw as I wanted it to be. But some people made me reconsider that."

Cable, however, will still allow the show to air uncensored, which he claims is perfect, despite some criticism on the Net calling the program "too ghetto."

"It's kinda a no-lose situation for me to be narrating this whole situation," Plies said. "And then bringing interesting people to the forefront, it's a two-way win-win situation."