Will New Solange Album Have A Duet With Sister Beyonce?

'I definitely think that they'll be a time and a place for me and my sister to collaborate,' Solange says.

Now that [artist id=”3100551″]Solange Knowles[/artist] has cleared up rumors that she was dropped from her record label, she can begin work on her follow up to Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams.

On this next album, will the world can finally get a duet between Solange and her superstar sister, [artist id=”1236911″]Beyoncé[/artist]? “I definitely think that they’ll be a time and a place for me and my sister to collaborate,” Solange told MTV News. “It’s just all about the time and the place and letting it evolve naturally — and whenever that day happens well embrace it well come up with something good.”

Until they find that time and place, Solange is hard at work on figuring out a sound for her new record, noting that it will probably go in a more moody, electronic direction. She would love to hook up with the likes of [artist id=”2967584″]Chairlift[/artist], [artist id=”500164″]Boards of Canada[/artist] and [artist id=”2383598″]Midnight Juggernauts[/artist].

“I’ve actually started the early groundwork for the third record,” she explained. “More so in finding out and experimenting on who I want to be on board with … just more so experimenting with the ideas of finding one or two solid musicians and building from there.”

When Beyoncé and Solange aren’t busy with their careers — or trying to figure out when to get in the studio together — the girls do manage to find some time to talk about, well, music. B loves to learn about new music from her little sister. “I play a lot of new music for her, ’cause obviously she works a lot,” she said. “I get the chance to introduce new music to her and that’s always fun. It’s sort of our little bond through music — exploring new artists.”