Corbin Bleu Hits The Road In 'Free Style,' Gets 'Risque' On CW Show

'High School Musical' alum will star alongside Mischa Barton in 'A Beautiful Life.'

With the release of Zac Efron's [movie id="365329"]"17 Again"[/movie] on April 17, it's [movie id="338328"]"High School Musical"[/movie] alumni week. MTV News is going to catch you up on what the future holds for all your favorite East High Wildcats!

[movieperson id="318951"]Corbin Bleu[/movieperson] is leaving the song-and-dance routine to the halls of East High. For his next film, "Free Style," he'll be entering the world of competitive motocross. He hopes the film, about a guy trying to find the balance between helping his family and turning pro in motocross, will show people his more serious side.

He also hopes that since he had a hand as one of the producers of the film, out this fall, he can show people how multifaceted he is. "It was great to have more creative control," he told MTV News about producing the film, which gave Bleu the chance to cast his dad. "My dad has a cameo in there as well, as the deadbeat dad. It's a great story. It's a good film on all levels."

Bleu — who said he's "up for anything" when it comes to his career — has also just been cast in the new CW show "A Beautiful Life" alongside Mischa Barton. "I get to play a male model," he told Entertainment Weekly. "There will be some risqué stuff."

Bleu, who also recently released the album Speed of Light, knows he'll eventually have a tough decision to make when he has to pick between acting and singing, but he might have found the perfect balance between the two — and we don't mean "High School Musical 4."

"I grew up doing all of it. I grew up in theater and music and dance. I've been focusing on this album, but I'm reading some scripts," he told MTV News. "I'm just trying to find a good character, [something] meaty. I'd love to be able to come back to New York and be onstage."

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