Zac Efron Gets Career Advice From Leonardo DiCaprio

'I ask him questions every once in a while ... but he's not like a life coach,' Efron says.

With the release of Zac Efron's "17 Again" on April 17, it's "High School Musical" alumni week. MTV News is going to catch you up on what the future holds for all of your favorite East High Wildcats!

Zac Efron may have found a mentor in former teen idol-turned-Oscar nominee Leonardo DiCaprio. But Efron assures everyone that their bromance is actually quite ordinary. And that DiCaprio isn't spilling any great industry secrets to the "17 Again" star.

"It's nothing out of the ordinary. He's a normal guy," Efron told MTV News about what the guys talk about when they hang out at Lakers games together. "I wish there was something deep."

Efron did note, however, that while it isn't "all business, all the time" for the pair, there are times when DiCaprio happily helps the young star out with his career. "He's a cool guy and he is helpful," Efron said. "I ask him questions every once in a while, and he gives advice to the best of his abilities, but he's not like a life coach."

In the May issue of GQ, Efron elaborated a bit more on the kinds of advice that DiCaprio is doling out to the young star. For instance, don't do heroin. "I thought I was gonna ask him questions," Efron said. "He ended up asking me questions, and in that, he told me a lot. He said, 'There's one way that you can really f--- this all up. Just do heroin. If you steer clear of that — the other obstacles you'll be able to navigate.' And that makes sense, dude."

He further explained to the magazine that he "wasn't programmed by Disney." "It's common sense. If you're gonna be drunk with your friends, don't get wasted at the Chateau Marmont and hook up with some famous chick. It's not rocket science," he said. "I don't want to be famous for my personality. If anything, I keep that under wraps."

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