Men At A Britney Spears Concert: What Are They Doing There?

While some are escorts or closeted fans, others aren't afraid to scream, 'I love Britney!'

PITTSBURGH — Almost everyone we've spoken with who's seen Britney Spears' Circus Tour has said the same thing: The women in the audience outnumber the men by a huge margin. The gender divide is most obvious in the lines for the rest rooms, which often results in desperate females sneaking into the almost-deserted men's rooms.

While we didn't conduct any restroom interviews at the tour's Pittsburgh stop on Friday, we did corner some of the males in the audience to find out what brought them to the show. Although most guys gave a generic "I'm here with my girlfriend/ wife/ daughter," some men were more than happy to admit they paid top dollar to go to the show and expressed their love for [artist id="501686"]Britney[/artist].

"She's so hot! She's every man's fantasy!" enthused 21-year-old Hugh Stumpp.

"A lot of guys like Britney Spears," said Steven Dearth, 19. "They're just afraid to come out and say it. So we're just coming out tonight to enjoy ourselves at the Britney Spears concert because we're not afraid to say that we love Britney Spears!"

Even some of the guys who played arm-candy for the show admitted that they're fans, even if they might not know the lyrics to the Circus album by heart.

"I can honestly say I like Britney Spears," said Joe Franciscus, 20, who joined four of his female friends to the concert. "She's hot! I think she's pretty talented. Even though she's gone through all this stuff, she's still moved on with everything."

Belle Peng, 21, said she suspects her boyfriend, Nikita Nesterov, 20, is more of a Spears fan than he might be letting on. "Nikita was more excited about seeing Britney than the girls were," she joked.

Sure, guys escorting girlfriends, wives and family members were represented — but with so many unattended young women around, were any of the guys looking for dates?

"A lot of guys feel uncomfortable," Nesterov said. "If my friends were here they would probably change their minds, because there's a lot of girls here, and the show is pretty good."

Chris Hink, 19, went to the concert with friends and even bought a Spears T-shirt, even though they didn't come in men's sizes.

Despite the small number of males at the show, most audience members agreed that the men sitting at home were definitely missing out on a great show.

"I'm sure there are a lot of guys out there that are Britney fans that just didn't want to come to the concert," said Natalie Nilon, 27, who attended the show with her husband, Shaun. "Maybe they didn't have a girlfriend to take, but I'm thinking there are guys out there that wish they were there tonight."