Jamie Campbell-Bower Cast In 'Twilight' Sequel 'New Moon'

British actor will join Dakota Fanning as a member of the Volturi.

It looks like Dakota Fanning has some company in the Volturi clan for "New Moon." British actor Jamie Campbell-Bower, who has appeared in "RockNRolla" and "Sweeney Todd," will play Caius in the "Twilight" sequel.

The 20-year-old confirmed his casting to BBC News, saying being involved in the movie is "very exciting."

"You're the first people I've told," he said about the role of Caius, part of an Italian coven of vampires. "Shooting has already started, and I'm going over in June." Campbell-Bower admits that he has some work to do now that he's been cast in the film. "I hadn't read the books before," he said. "But it's a great thing to be a part of, and it did very well last year."

Although he was quick to divulge his own casting in the movie, he said he couldn't talk about anyone else who might be joining the cast. "I do know who else will be in it — but I can't tell you, unfortunately. But go online and have a look at the rumors," he said, adding, "They're all false. You're putting me in a terrible situation."

Campbell-Bower is also going to be working alongside heartthrob Robert Pattinson but doubts he'll be adding that title to his résumé anytime soon. "I doubt I'll get the same sort of adulation as Robert — but it's always nice when people recognize you for your work."

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