Fabolous Sets Al Pacino Classic To Music With Loso's Way

Fab says LP 'touches on so many issues' from the 1993 movie 'Carlito's Way' but is still relatable.

[artist id="1164800"]Fabolous[/artist] says Loso's Way is still on the way. The Brooklyn native was inspired to record the album after viewing the 1993 Al Pacino drama "Carlito's Way." He says we all have more in common with Charlie Brigante than we know.

"The album is so crazy," he told us on the set of the The-Dream's "Rockin That Thang" remix video. "[My album] touches on so many issues from the movie, but it still [expresses] principles that people go through every day and could relate to. That's why I chose the movie. I was watching the movie and was like, 'The stuff going on in this movie, everybody could relate to it.' Just like how dude came out of jail and was like, 'I'm not going back to jail.' Everybody feels that way on the come-out. It's the journey to do something better. When I was coming out of the 'hood, I felt I wanted to do something better, and [I put] the journey to do something better ... in this album. A lot of things have happened [since my career started]. I've gotten shot, I've got arrested, I've had a baby. All of these things have happened, so I wanted to put that in music form."

In the film, Carlito was expecting a baby before he took that fateful train ride to the great beyond. Fab talks about anticipating becoming a father in a song called "Stay," which features Marsha Ambrosia. And if you're wondering, 'Loso also brings to life the action-packed scene in which Carlito offs a bar full of thugs after yelling, "OK, I reloaded!"

"That's gonna be 'Just Comin' In,' " Fab said. "At the beginning of my joint. In my intro, I'm going in certain places and talking about things, talking about certain things that I don't think people have really heard me talk about or heard how I really feel.

"Right after that, I'm reloaded," he added. "I got a song on the album called 'Pachanga.' We say 'puh-chang-uh' on the song. That was Carlito's man, but we know at the end of the movie that was the dude who got Carlito set up to get shot. You see how friends change in due time. I got a crazy joint on the album that explains how certain things or certain friends change in your lifetime."

Fabolous said the LP should be out sometime between spring and summer.