Beyonce Promotes Nintendo Game, Admits Weakness For 'Super Mario'

Singer's 'Rhythm Heaven' ad leads to discussion of her favorite video games.

Video game giant Nintendo is putting a lot of weight behind the upcoming Nintendo DS game "Rhythm Heaven" but is showing somewhat mixed judgment in who it gets to sing the game's praises.

Two days ago, reps from the company visited MTV News to deliver the game — and forced the game's recipient (me) to carry the tune. Bad move.

A smarter decision was having [artist id="1236911"]Beyoncé[/artist] star in their official "Rhythm Heaven" TV commercial. The superstar singer recently granted Entertainment Weekly an interview that turned into a survey of her gaming tastes.

Games she likes? "All the Wii games." And "Tetris." And "BrickBreaker" on her BlackBerry. The game she loves? "Guitar Hero." She compared "Rhythm Heaven" to a portable version of that game, "which is great," she said, "because I don't want to carry around a big guitar!" (Someone tell her that MTV's "Rock Band" is going portable with a version for the PSP.)

The singer also mentioned that she grew up playing "Super Mario Bros." and used to sneak in playing time after her 9 p.m. no-gaming curfew.

Beyoncé isn't generally known for shilling video games, but she's part of a growing list of unlikely Nintendo spokeswomen. In recent years, the company has enlisted Nicole Kidman, America Ferrera and Liv Tyler to star in "Brain Age" commercials, Carrie Underwood in spots for "Mario Kart DS" and "Nintendogs," and Lisa Kudrow in "Personal Trainer: Cooking" and "Professor Layton and the Curious Village" ads.

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