Mark Hoppus Tweets About Upcoming Blink-182 Tour

'Tour will be fun,' bassist says of reunion jaunt.

If it's possible to gauge someone's excitement just by reading their Tweets, then it seems like Mark Hoppus is totally stoked about [artist id="783"]Blink-182[/artist] being back together.

The band's bassist has been Twittering his fingers off over the past two days, giving frequent updates on the status of the group's meetings about their summer reunion tour, tossing in the occasional Southern California traffic report, bragging about scoring some serious OG "Star Wars" swag and just about anything else that pops into his head.

Let's start from the end. On Wednesday (March 18) morning, Hoppus sent out the notice that he was "headed to the studio today to start working on some stuff for the tour. Which means making sure I remember all the songs."

That Tweet came about 12 hours after Hoppus bragged that the band members hit up the Skywalker Ranch gift shop for "a bunch of rare 'Star Wars' toys ... be jealous." That post came around the same time as a more cryptic one about Hoppus "doing producer stuff ... listening to music, making notes, coming up with ideas. I love this. Music is so much fun," though he didn't explain whether that meant he was working on new Blink material or something else.

He might have been talking about the demos he'd just gotten from pals Motion City Soundtrack, which he said were "amazing," explaining that, "In and around the blink madness about to begin I hope I can work on this CD"; Hoppus produced the band's 2005 album, Commit This to Memory.

There was some geeking out about the new cut/copy/paste functions on the upcoming iPhone OS 3.0, some props to New Found Glory debuting near the top 10 of the album charts (Hoppus produced the band's Not Without a Fight), complaining about traffic on the 405 freeway and a Tweet from Tuesday afternoon about having a "good Blink meeting," which contained the promise that the "tour will be fun."