50 Cent Says Eminem's Upcoming Albums 'Tie Together'

'It felt like part one and part two of the [same album],' Fif says of Relapse and its follow-up.

50 Cent's Before I Self Destruct was delayed to make way for Eminem's Relapse (due May 19), and the G-Unit General raved about Marshall Mathers' latest.

"It's great," [artist id="860639"]50[/artist] said of the album, sitting between [artist id="1245018"]Lloyd Banks[/artist] and [artist id="1689514"]Tony Yayo[/artist] in New York last week. [artist id="502642"]Eminem[/artist] announced that soon after Relapse, he'll be putting out a follow-up LP this year.

"You can't ask for more excitement from a hip-hop perspective than two Eminem albums," 50 said. "One is great. It's a treat. But the second one is exciting.

"Actually, it was my idea for him to release two albums, because he had so much material over a time period," Fif added. "The [second album] kind of feels like a sequel. They're both written to one album topic almost, that it felt like part one and part two of the [same album]. They tie together."

50 said he plans to duplicate Slim Shady's game plan and put out two albums of his own within months of each other. The first will be the long-talked-about Self Destruct, and 50 is keeping the second project's title to himself for now. The move could mean that 50 is planning to extend his contract with Interscope Records. In past interviews, 50 promised that if his renegotiations didn't go well, a greatest-hits album would be the last record Interscope would receive from him and new material would be housed elsewhere.

"They should look for Em in May, me in June, then his second album will come out and my second album will come out a month after that," 50 said of his team's release schedule.

There is still no word on Dr. Dre's Detox. The record has been hampered by several leaks of unfinished material from recording sessions with T.I.