Asher Roth Wants To 'Start A Revolution' At South By Southwest

'If you're going to change the world with anything, it's going to be music,' rapper says.

There will be a strong contingent of hip-hop artists performing at this year's South by Southwest music festival in Austin, Texas. Rap heavyweights like Big Boi, Bun B and Rick Ross are scheduled to make appearances, along with a fresh new crop of young MCs.

All of MTV News' MCs to Watch in '09 — B.o.B, Wale, Kid Cudi, Charles Hamilton and Asher Roth — hope to gain visibility in Austin during the week. [artist id="3123015"]Roth[/artist] told MTV News last month that hitting the festival circuit was one of his goals.

"Something that really is a goal of mine is bringing back that celebration that is live music. Something that I want to do is ... I want to start a revolution. I really want to start a revolution, and I think you can do it with us, the kids."

Roth stressed that he wants to speak to the kids that are paying attention and cognizant of what's going on around them. "If you're going to change the world with anything, it's going to be music."

He also explained that his performance at the festival will showcase his entire album, not just the hits he's known for. "The mixtape was one thing where it was just rapping. With the album, what was really important for me was putting out music, putting out songs — not just verses with a hook, [but] a cohesive feel and a vibe to the album."

His debut album, Asleep in the Bread Aisle, will drop on Monday, April 20. Roth, a big Bob Marley fan, hopes to carry on the tradition of freedom and unity Marley expressed in his music and live performances.

"With live music I feel like, if I do it appropriately and do it genuinely, I'm hopefully going to garner the interest of people from all different walks of life, all over the world, and bring them together in one common interest — and that is good music."