Jonas Brothers Move On To Album, Tour After TV Show Wraps

'We have a lot of things in the pipeline,' Kevin says of the group's busy schedule.

The [artist id="2088128"]Jonas Brothers[/artist] are close to wrapping up production on their upcoming Disney Channel show "JONAS," which should be helpful, considering the laundry list of other projects the guys expect to tackle in the next few months.

"Before the TV show comes out, we have our tickets for our tour going on sale. We have the [TV] show in May, then the album, then the tour," Kevin said of the guys' very busy schedules. "So we have a lot of things in the pipeline. But things are looking fun right now."

Joe was quick to point out that before all that goes down, "We have, like, a week left of the television [show]," he said of the shooting schedule. "It's, like, one and a half weeks."

The Jonas Brothers are professionals, but they're used to the musical side of things — and the guys still have a lot to learn when it comes to acting. "We're all new actors, and we're trying to learn as much as we can just about the whole experience," Nick said. "It's very different than everything we've done before."

Thankfully for the guys, they aren't learning the craft of acting in front of a live studio audience. "There's not so much pressure with the whole memorizing scripts right away, 'cause it's a single-camera show," Joe said, with Nick chiming in, "Like a movie."

"If there's a live audience there, there's a little more pressure to have your lines down, 'cause it's a little different, and it's filmed as if you filmed a Broadway show almost," Joe added. "[With our show,] if you mess up, you can go, 'OK, let's do it again.' You can have, like, 72 takes, and you're good."