Pussycat Dolls Warm Up New Orleans Crowd For Britney Spears

Group pulled out all the hits for Circus tour kickoff, including 'Don't Cha,' 'Buttons' and 'When I Grow Up.'

NEW ORLEANS — As is fitting of any circus, Britney Spears' big-top revival kicked off with some big cats.

More specifically, the Pussycat Dolls, who opened things up with a super-charged, super-sexxed dance bonanza, complete with pelvic thrusts, hair tosses and some ultra-fierce posing. Oh, and songs too.

Sure, the biggest squeals came whenever lead Doll Nicole Scherzinger mentioned [artist id="501686"]Britney[/artist]'s name, but the girls more than held their own with a lightning-quick 45-minute set, packed with hits and lots of prancing around Brit's massive "in the round" set. As is par for the course, Scherzinger did most of the talking and garnered most of the spotlight, but each gal got her own curtain call and took ample opportunity to preen and pop on individual platforms (one can hold her leg in the air for a really long time!) as [artist id="1841713"]PCD[/artist] worked through their biggest hits.

The music pounded and the lights blared as the Dolls launched into "Don't Cha," which had the audience screaming loudly. "Stickwitu" saw a bevy of hands (and cell phones) held aloft, and the dance routine that accompanied "Buttons" -- full of stomping and syncopated strutting -- was cheered wildly.

The Dolls closed with "When I Grow Up" and joined hands in the middle of the stage, and Scherzinger thanked their fans before asking, "Who's ready for the Circus?!?"

Why, everyone, of course.